AWS Essentials

Shared Responsibility Model The AWS Shared Responsibility Model defines the distribution of responsibilities for security in the cloud between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the customer. It’s important to note the distribution is not static, but varies according to the services deployed on AWS and their level of abstraction.

Amazon Culture of Innovation Monoliths and Microservices: How Amazon tailored its IT to support its customers, and in doing so invented the cloud. If your organisation is currently struggling with how to change and foster innovation, this session will share lessons from Amazon’s history on how to operate in an innovative way.

AWS Pricing Understand AWS pricing and cost optimization options you have when using AWS cloud services.


AWS Cloud Security One stop shop webpage on all topics related to security - security services, compliance offerings and privacy.

Cloud Finance and Metrics

Cloud Economics Center Information on builiding your cloud business case and information on optimizing Total Cost of Ownership.


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AWS Essentials

AWS Shared Responsibility Model This course is an introduction to the AWS Shared Responsibility Model. AWS and the customer share responsibility for security and compliance, and this course helps clarify the division of those responsibilities. From the physical components of your stack all the way up to user data, we define what you are responsible for in terms of securing your application, and what AWS is responsible for.

How AWS Pricing Works One of the main benefits of cloud services is the ability it gives you to optimize costs to match your needs, even as those needs change. AWS offers on-demand, pay-as-you-go, and reservation-based payment models, enabling you to obtain the best return on your investment for each specific use case. In this whitepaper, AWS provides an overview of how AWS pricing works across some of our most widely used services. The latest pricing information for each AWS service is available at

Getting started - Onboarding Check A guide on how to get started with AWS, from creating an account and setting up access rights to cost optimization and budgets.